What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a primary care health profession that is dedicated to:

    • Preventing and managing pain, physical impairments, disabilities and limits to physical activity.
    • Improving and maintaining functional independence and physical performance.
  • Promoting fitness, health and wellness.

Physical therapy focuses on understanding how  the  body  moves,  what  keeps it  from moving  well,  and  how  to  restore  mobility.

Physical therapists are required to obtain a Doctoral degree in physical therapy.

Physical therapists  assess  a patient’s  level  of  mobility,  strength, endurance and  other  physical  abilities  to  determine  the  impact  of  their  illness  or injury  on  their  physical  function,  whether  at  work,  rest  or  play.  This initial assessment is called an Initial Evaluation.

The therapist diagnoses  the  condition and  develops  a  treatment  plan  to  restore  movement and  reduce  pain  or limitations  to  mobility.  They  treat  the  condition  and help  the  patient understand  its  effect  on  their  function.  The patient’s progress is monitored regularly (every 30 days, called a Re-Evaluation), and treatments are adjusted accordingly.  They also advise  the  patient  on  how  to  manage  their  condition independently (usually through training and at-home exercises), and help  the patient  prevent  avoidable  recurrences  or  complications.

Physical therapists  provide  valuable  health  care  for  people  from  birth  to older  age.  Primarily, they work in 3 practice areas:  orthopedicsneurology and cardio-respiratory.  Our physical therapists  also  work  in  areas  that span  all  three  practice areas such  as: women’s health (including pre and post natal care, lower back pain, and other women’s health issues), and senior care.  They also help manage the physical complications of cancer and diabetes and their treatment, and care for physical symptoms associated with arthritis.  


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